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PARS offers General Services Administration (GSA) schedules to provide our clients with concise, user-friendly contracting services. 
Advantages of using PARS' GSA contracting vehicles include:
  • Significantly reduced time in obtaining services
  • Available to all agencies qualified to use GSA services
  • Not subject to maximum order limitation
PARS' GSA Schedules include:
Federal Supply Schedule Industrial Group 899
Industrial Class 899

PARS Environmental Inc.
500 Horizon Drive, Suite 540
Robbinsville, NJ 07861
Contract No. 

Contract Period: 
19 January 2015 – 18 January 2020

Current period runs through 18 January 2020
Business Size: 
Small, Disadvantaged, Minority, Woman-Owned Business

DUNS No.: 

CAGE Code: 0X481

Contractor Point of Contact:
Ms. Kiran K. Gill, President




PARS has a team of LEED® accredited professionals with extensive experience in incorporating Sustainable Design/LEED® into construction projects on Federal installations throughout the country.  Starting from the planning phase throughout the design and construction, PARS evaluates a wide range of technologies, techniques, materials, and strategies to incorporate sustainable actions and ensure compliance with regulations while developing environmentally efficient facilities.

Environmental Advisory Services - FSS Group 899

SIN 899-1 – Environmental Planning Services & Documentation
SIN 899-8 – Remediation Services

SIN 899-1 – Environmental Planning Services & Documentation

  • Environmental Impact Statements and Assessments under NEPA
    Work activities include: data identification, collection, and interpretation, environmental sustainability consulting, preparation of human health risk, and environmental impact evaluations/reports, expert testimony, assisting agencies in planning and conducting national assessments of wastewater and sludge, and preparation of materials in support of public meetings.
  • Endangered Species, Wetlands, Watersheds, and other Natural Resources Management Plans, Studies, and Consultations
    Work activities include: reviewing existing reports and management plans, coordinating with regulatory and federal agencies, contacting state offices for applicable information, performing surveys, and using results of data collection to prepare reports/maps.
  • Archeological, Historic, and other Cultural Resources Management Plans, Studies, and Consultations
    Work activities include: conducting resource surveys/studies, evaluation of resource data, preparation of nominations/reports, and preparation of Management Plans.
  • Economic, Technical, and Risk Analysis in Support of Environmental Needs Work
    Work activities include: conducting analysis of options under consideration for environmental actions, data collection and development, analysis of comments, and conducting regulatory analyses, environmental sustainability analyses, economic analyses, feasibility analyses, hazard assessments, exposure assessments, and risk analyses. 
  • Homeland Security, vulnerability assessments, biochemical protection, threat identification and protective measures.

SIN 899-1RC – Environmental Planning Services & Documentation (Disaster Recovery)

  • Services are the same as SIN 899-1. However, this SIN may be used by State and Local Governments for procurements both before as well as after emergencies occur.
  • as well as after emergencies occur.

SIN 899-8 – Remediation Services

  • Provide a full range of methods and technologies supporting activities, including construction oversight and management support, necessary for Remediation Services
    May include dismantling, demolition, or removal of improvements to the extent allowed by the Service Contract Act under FAR 37.3 in accordance with host nation, federal, state, and/or local statutes and regulations.
  • Excavation, removal, manifesting, transportation, storage, treatment (on-site and off-site) and/or disposal of hazardous waste 
    Potential remediation activities may include, but are not limited to slurry walls, subsurface barriers, landfill closure, soil/sludge stabilization/solidification, water/groundwater treatment, soil vapor extraction, excavation, dredging, underground storage tank removal/closure, groundwater extraction, dewatering, bioremediation, thermal treatment, demolition, and debris removal.
  • Preparation, characterization, field investigation, conservation and closure of site
    Services may include performance of CERCLA removal actions, RCRA Interim Measures, RCRA closures, and Brownfields support.
  • Long Term Monitoring/Long Term Operation (LTM/LTO) 
    Facilities including but not limited to groundwater/surface water facilities, leachate facilities, soil vapor extraction, dual phase vapor extraction, low temperature thermal desorption, soil stabilization, and radiological decontamination and treatment. O&M services may also include preparation of O&M manuals, training, and conduct of long term monitoring.
  • Containment, monitoring, and/or reduction of hazardous waste sites 
    The entire spectrum of contaminants may be involved including hazardous, toxic, radioactive, petroleum-based, and explosive constituents or any combination thereof.
  • Ordinance removal and support 
    Activities may include site investigation through the recovery and disposal of OEW materials.
  • UST/AST Removal
  • Emergency Response Cleanup
  • Integrate sustainability features into remediation solutions

SIN 899-8RC – Remediation Services (Disaster Recovery)

  • Services are the same as SIN 899-8. However, this SIN may be used by State and Local Governments for procurements both before as well as after emergencies occur.
Recent Contract Awards

June 2017. This summer, PARS will be conducting Right To Know Inventories for more than 50 School Districts, Municipalities and Public Utilities throughout New Jersey.

June 2017. PARS is working for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) to provide a fume hood survey in Bronx, New York.

April 2017.  PARS was awarded two Task Orders from the EPA. One to support Green Infrastructure Researsh at the Edison Environmental Center; and a second to expand monitoring with the Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitian Sewer District in Louisville, Kentucky.

April 2017. PARS was awarded a contract by the USACE Louisville District to provide NEPA services for a historic preservation study at the Paul A. Doble U.S. Army Reserve Center in New Hampshire.

April 2017. PARS was awarded a contract by the USACE Louisville District to provide NEPA services supporting the U.S. Army Reserve 63rd Regional Support Command in Pheonix, Arizona.

April 2017. PARS will be providing Asbestos Safety Control Monitoring (ASCM) Services for a one-year period for Rowan University at all four of its campus in New Jersey.

March 2017. PARS, along with our Joint Venture partner, Gannett-Fleming, was awarded a contract from the USACE, Louisville District for a Underground Storage Tank (UST) removal at Caesar Creek in Waynesville, Ohio.