PARS Environmental, Inc.
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PARS offers services in building inspections and evaluation. Our services include: structural distress, code violations, improper construction and construction problems in structures, facades, and roofing. Analysis services range from visual observations to extensive invasive testing and analysis (such as moisture probing and pavement core sampling). PARS also offers inspection and evaluation services of site and building conditions for new and existing residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Our services include: structural, exterior and site inspections including but not limited to water infiltration, fireproofing, HVAC, framing, roofs, balconies, decks, facade, parking garages, pavement, drainage, retaining walls and detention/retention basins.

Services Include:

  • Preliminary Design
  • Design Development
  • Working Drawings
  • Specifications
  • Bid Review
  • Shop Drawing Review
  • Construction Oversight
  • Computer Analysis
  • Computer Aided Drafting
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Computer Analysis and Simulations
  • Wind Analysis
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Investigations
  • Failure Analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Corporate Engineering Standards


Project Experience

Drywell study conducted in collaboration with the EPA in Milburn Township, NJ

Structural Inspections conducted at Warren Depot, Warren, OH